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Last week we lost the SUPER visionary who literally delivered us SUPER scOres of inspiration, wonderment and AWE, the great American Comic Book writer Stan Lee, who died at age 95. He gave his characters extraordinary powers and everyday headaches – a formula which transformed comics by dealing with subject matter that was at once both sublime and truly SUPER. His vivid, striking and compelling characters like the Hulk, Iron Man, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four all sprang from his fertile imagination and spilled onto the page.
Back in 2011, my good friend and colleague, the great Jim Kwik, invited me to speak at his “SuperHero You” event where we illuminated the “super” powers we as humans each possess in our own unique way. Jim’s vision was inspired by his direct friendship with the great Stan Lee and Jim, as a brilliant speaker, thought leader and master of sharpening the mind and memory was the perfect person to bring forth this concept.
With great parallels to a music composer scOring a dramatic composition,  Stan would begin with a Melody of inspiration, think  of the harmonic ways to compliment that Melody and then unleash the rhythm of his characters with super powers that could instantaneously transport them through portals to other worlds, burn through anything with a mere gaze or fly faster than the speed of light!
He also understood the space between the notes: those moments that invited us into the psyches of his characters’ personas and exposed that they too, like us, have their weaknesses and vulnerabilities – at least for a moment. But while his career may have started in pen and ink, it grew and evolved into much more than even he could imagine.
Got your super hero YOU? It’s inside of you, ready to scOre…exercise it regularly and you’ll find that your true powers will astound you. 

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