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From day one of this new year, the term that continues to dominate our headlines is “shutdown”. But what if we put on our contrarian thinking caps and take the conflict that’s smoldering in the current Dissonance of our news cycle and flip “shut” to “open” and “down” to “up”? This way, every time we hear the term “shutdown” we could instead think, “open up” ? Try it …stay with me now…flipping a point of view is much like the classic “is the glass half empty or half full?

Perspective, Point of View and finding ways to create harmony are not just between you and those around you, it’s also finding new ways to create harmony in your mindset. So “Open Up” suddenly becomes a great opportunity and reminder that the Rhythm you choose to live by is ultimately in your hands.

For example, in these early weeks of 2019 when resolutions are at the top of everyone’s mind, must all of your resolutions begin precisely on Jan 1? Think about it, is your personal timeline bound by the Gregorian calendar? Perhaps your Rhythm has it’s own date to activate a new goal or project? In the end, it’s your rhythm and THAT’s all the REALLY matters.

Consider some “Open Up” options. For example, you might launch your dream on January 21, the birthday of the great Dr. Martin Luther King…after all, he did gift us “I have a dream” …just sayin’ …Thinking patriotic? There’s President’s Day on February 18 honoring both Lincoln and Washington. Perhaps nature and the environment are your passion – if so, Earth Day’s on April 22…….you get the idea. Don’t be bound to the notion that your rhythm of Day 1 MUST be the first day of any calendar – more often than not, there’s an even better day to launch a new phase for your business, your goals, your rhythm, your tempo, your timing and your synchronicity to what matters most.

When I accompanied Madonna to record and film the Andrew Lloyd Weber song “You Must Love Me” for the movie “EVITA”, something totally unexpected happened midway. Now in virtually any other situation or with any other person, what happened would have caused the entire production to shutdown. In this case, the potential shutdown was the timing and ramifications of Madonna getting pregnant in the middle of shooting the film. Of course, this meant that her body, the clothes she wore and the angles in which the cameras would shoot would constantly be changing by the day. On top of this, we had the schedules of the talent, crew, and lots of filming in Argentina with hundreds of extras were being directed by the great and highly meticulous Alan Parker. In the midst of what could have easily become a “shutdown” there was an “open up” ….a new way of thinking….a flip.

The decision was made to have Madonna rest her elbows on the piano and stand right in the curve of the piano lid while she sang. As I played the piano, I got the same front row view as the cameras that focused on her face. With great power and beauty, Madonna’s face took on a new level of radiance with the “glow” of pregnancy and the potential “shutdown” was averted! In the end, the results were stunning:

Never let the appearance of Dissonance stop you. To always scOre, and scOre big, turn your “Shut Down” into an the “Open Up” for your gifts to shine….the world is waiting.

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