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I grew up in a family of healthcare professionals. With my father as an always-on-call doctor wearing a pager to answer emergency calls, my sister as an RN and my cousin as a Respiratory Therapist, I’ve got a tremendous respect and empathy for the work our medical professionals do to not only sustain our lives but actually SAVE our lives!

My team and I are always working to empower corporations, associations and entrepreneurs to be truly In Tune with their customers, products and services. While we do this for many sectors like Financial Services, Retail, Tech and Diversity the one sector where “InTune” communications can literally affect the outcome of life or death is Health Care.
There are many types of nurses but there is one specific type that functions much like a conductor of an orchestra and that is the Perioperative Nurse and their role as the “Conductor” is in full display in the Operating Room.

Like a Conductor who cues where and when the Melody comes in, what Harmony supports it and the Rhythm of the procedure, the Perioperative Nurse performs the same function in Surgery. Since the patient, who is being operated on, is in the most vulnerable position, that is they are either asleep, under anesthesia and/or cannot speak, the Perioperative Nurse must serve as the Patient’s voice ensuring that their needs and Melody are always front and center.
Next comes the team that typically consists of the Surgeon (s), Anesthesiologist and Surgical Tech that must work together in Harmony. This is followed by the Rhythm being paced and guided through a series of “safety points” throughout the procedure.

I have had the great pleasure to work with these amazing, bold and brave professionals who literally save lives every day by conducting the best outcomes and I invite you all to explore this amazing field that orchestrates the music of “Harmonized Care” in one of life’s most challenging theaters – the Operating Room.

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