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When the Rhythm of music is feeling good, we commonly refer to it as the “groove”. It is that synergy inside the music where the pulse, tempo and syncopation it generates settles into your body, gets your toes tapping and puts a big smile on your face.
At midnight last night, our whole country reset the national clock and fell back an hour in the interest of having an “extra” hour of light in the mornings.  Of course, we pay the price at the end of the day with sunset arriving an “extra” hour earlier and making our days feel one hour shorter.  Personally I am not a fan – I would prefer that we, as human beings,  linked to the rhythms of the earth, would simply allow our body clock to adapt  to the natural timing and sunlight of the fall season.
There are many techniques to deal with lesser and lesser daylight as winter approaches; but for the sake of this article, let’s focus on one item that creates GIANT disruptions of your body’s RHYTHM. In fact, it does this  regularly and you may be surprised that this one item, something we cling to as an extension of our own body, is the “smart” phone and can disrupt your sleep patterns far more than you might imagine.
Studies of smartphone usage show that 68% of it occurs at home and that a vast amount of owners sleep either holding their smartphone, having it in bed with them, or on their nightstand… sound familiar? Many even use smartphones as their alarm clocks.  While this makes sense if you want your phone within arm’s reach you expose your body’s rhythm to a potential hijack! Not only can an unimportant late night call or notification chime in, but the temptation to check social media, email or catch the latest news is often too strong to resist. As a result, you might feel energized from interacting with others or totally stressed by reading something that is downright upsetting when you should actually be resting, relaxing and slowing down your RHYTHM to the gentleness of musical ballad.  This partly explains why people who consume electronic media in bed are at a higher risk for insomnia. To quell the culprit, simply keep your phone in another room and set an old school alarm to wake up instead. You’ll sleep better, navigate the rhythmic twist of daylight “savings” and start your days with a newfound energy to scOre higher and set your own RHTYHM on your terms.

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