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The attendee reaction we received to Freddie Ravel’s presentation at the cVent Elite Meetings Alliance last month was off the charts!  His message was smart, clear, humorous, entertaining, energetic and provided real impactful lessons for our attendees to take back to their workplace and make an immediate difference in their creativity, collaboration and productivity.  Our morning audience was as engaged as I’ve ever seen them, and thanks to Freddie, the rest of the day was as productive as I’ve ever seen in the 11 years we’ve been having this event.

Kelly Foy, Founder of Elite Meetings International, a cVent Company
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Freddie did such a wonderful job through the spellbinding musical story to connect points of real importance with CMG and the magic of music. He did an awesome job – just a fabulous job!

Bill Hoffman, President, Cox Media Group
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Wow! What a wonderful way to start any conference! Our people have an energy now and openness to listen and engage in a better way through Freddie’s Rhythm of Success.

Karen Thomas Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, CIOX Health

I had the pleasure and honour of listening and being part of Freddie’s Keynote performance in Macau. Freddie managed to very simply connect the message of teaming, collaborating and leading and inter wove it with music beautifully. This was by far the best motivational performance I have seen/heard for a long time. What struck me most was Freddie’s humbleness in all this. His ability to listen and tune into people’s thoughts very quickly is simple amazing.

Sunil Mahajan, Analytics Leader, IBM Middle East and Africa

Freddie Ravel was great!  He totally inspired our audience this morning and enthused everybody with so much energy.  And everybody was able to connect to this theme of music, musical harmony, operating as a team and being able to touch people with the rhythms and melodies of their own minds.  It was just perfect – thanks, Freddie!


Ellen Donahue-Dalton, Executive Vice President of Marketing, MEDecision, an HCSC company

Freddie Ravel was fabulous! His musical talents are truly amazing, charisma oozes from him, and his kindness comes through genuinely in his presentation. As our keynote speaker, he set the perfect tone/mood for our conference. Everyone attending were very appreciative and pleased.

California Ambulance Association

Special thanks to Freddie for sharing his fabulous energy and message at our 2016 Annual Convention!

IASB – International Association of Speakers Bureaus

Freddie dazzled the audience with his unique keynote concert and phenomenal talents to enhance our life skills… we are grateful for his exceptional legacy.

Gail Williams, Director, NASA Leadership Colloquium, Goddard Space Flight Center, MD

His message that we have music within coupled with his fresh approach left us with timely and powerful business tools to apply to our work.

Mercy Alpert, Executive Manager, Citibank

Freddie presented his keynote concert at our west coast’s largest store front. It was a hugely successful kick-off for our new music initiative and we look forward to working with him and his team in more nationwide events.

Apple, Corporate Retail Marketing
Carlos Santana

Freddie es puro corazon

Carlos Santana, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 8 Grammys and over 100 million albums sold

Freddie uses the language of music to show how listening skills are critical to our business. Whether it’s getting “in tune” with our customers, associates, families or ourselves, his incredible talent delivers this message through his truly innovative and entertaining training program.

Randy Salley, Sr VP, Information Systems, Wal Mart Corporate Headquarters, Bentonville, AK

Mr. Ravel’s gift in bringing words and music to give definition to the interplay between teams, purpose and people was fantastic and profound.

Mary Nickerson, National Manager, Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc.
Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

It is with great appreciation that I thank you for your program – our students and staff  benefit immensely.

Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, Chancellor, Marsha Irvin

Freddie’s message has left a powerful impact on our continued success and we will build on what he started.

Ed Tomlinson, Yamaha Corporation
Jack Canfield

Freddie is not only a profound musical genius but more importantly, he is blending music with self-awareness giving people a road map for how to take the various aspects of themselves and integrate them so that you can live your life more joyfully fulfilled producing more of the results you want in your work, financially, relationally, spiritually and with family.

Jack Canfield, “America's Success Coach", Originator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Brand with sales of .5 billion thus far.
Los Angeles Times

Blending jazz textures, a rock energy and tropical rhythms with his charismatic performance style, Ravel continues to create a powerful impact on the crossover pop-jazz market.

Don Heckman, Renowned Jazz Critic for the Los Angeles Times
Dr. Deepak Chopra

Freddie’s spirit is infinite silence and dynamism at the same time.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, TIME magazine: “One of the top 100 heroes and icons of the 20th century.”
Latin GRAMMY Awards

Freddie! Escuche tu musica y quiero que sepas que simplemente me encanto, es el tipo de musica que yo mas disfruto. Te felicito esta SENSACIONAL!

Mauricio Abaroa, President, Latin GRAMMY Awards
Morgan Stanley

His powerful presentation was pure joy and full of valuable lessons that we were able to implement immediately!

Lydia Hopps, Senior Executive Financial Strategist
Al Jarreau

Freddie, thank you for our long history of great input both musically and spiritually!

Al Jarreau, the only vocalist in history to win GRAMMY'S in three diferent categories. Freddie's co-creations with Al include title tracks "Tomorrow Today", "Excellent Adventure", "All I Got", "One Corazon"and the GRAMMY-award winning album, "Givin' it Up"
LOHAS - Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability

Through his magic of music and words , Freddie Ravel opened and closed our 2011 conference by masterfully connecting sustainability to both the personal soul and the business of our executive audience.

Ted Ning, Director, LOHAS - Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability
Roland Corporation, USA

Freddie’s message is as awe-inspiring as his talent is stunning– he left my staff and I implementing his tools in our day-to-day business and private lives.

Dennis Houlian, President, Roland Corporation, USA
Earth Wind & Fire - Maurice White

The originality of Freddie’s approach is fascinating and his Latin roots bring passion to his music!

Earth Wind & Fire – Maurice White, Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Six Grammys , Iconic producer & group founder
XM Satellite Radio

With his beautifully crafted piano melody, Freddie Ravel’s “Sunny Side Up” is a home run.

Steve Stiles, Program Director, XM Satellite Radio

Freddie Ravel is brilliant.

Madonna, regarding Freddie’s studio and live performances with her for the flim, “EVITA”

Freddie’s cross-section of skills in connecting to his listeners is positively unique and creates a fantastic team harmony that I highly recommend to any organization that wants measurable change.

Bill Ganz, CEO, Corporate Productions, Epson
Marianne Williamson

I have known Freddie Ravel for over two decades. We have co-created events to raise consciousness and shared the stage from America’s spiritual centers to Lincoln Center. In every one of those experiences, he exudes a spirit that weaves the magic of music – pure music – that hot, funky, sexy, classic, jazzy and pure fun into everything he touches and hears.

That his destiny would bring us his Keynote Concert masterpiece, makes perfect sense; after all, this man, sage, philosopher, composer and maestro has consistently directed, produced and collaborated with the world’s finest transformational masters, business leaders and music industry icons of our time. No wonder he brings us a new way to see, hear, feel, touch and experience one’s life set to music.  Enjoy his blessing….your own symphonic masterpiece is waiting.

Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author and Oprah Radio Host
L.A’s 94.7 the WAVE

I have hosted concert events for over 15 years and I can honestly say that Freddie Ravel presented the best concert I have ever seen.

Barbara Blake, L.A’s 94.7 the WAVE, Radio Personality
Dr. Ivan Misner

As Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization, I have hosted over 20 BNI Conferences and every year I look for ways to make each Conference more powerful and exciting than the last one.

This year, I struck gold by going with Freddie Ravel to open our Conference with his Keynote Concert presentation. The fresh and creative way that he musically presents his key messages about the importance of listening and applying elements of music in the quest for success had everyone captivated and buzzing with inspiration. Everybody loved Freddie and he helped us to launch the best Conference we’ve ever had!

Dr. Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and CEO/Founder of BNI
Los Angeles Music Connection

For our “Top 50 Innovators, Iconoclasts, Groundbreakers and Guding Lights for 2008”,  Freddie Ravel was selected along with Irving Azoff, Mel Karmazin, Brian Eno, Tess Taylor, Panos Panay, Derek Sivers and Victor Wooten.

The votes drew from our 70,000 readers and editorial staff.

Mark Nardone, Sr., Editor, Los Angeles Music Connection, Established in 1977 and regarded as the “Musicians Bible”
Dr. John Gray

Freddie Ravel uses his vast knowledge of music and incredible talent to help us understand ourselves and others.  He weaves an innovative, inspiring and entertaining presentation that creates cooperation and achieves success.

Dr. John Gray, All-time bestselling relationship author, "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"
Lisa Nichols

Freddie Ravel is one of the most dynamic, inspiring, entertainers and educators I’ve ever seen. His ability to wrap knowledge around this space called music is absolutely wonderful. I sit captivated by his energy, his stories and in awe of his knowledge!

Lisa Nichols, Founder, Motivating the Teen Spirit, Master Teacher in “The Secret”, Oprah and Larry King
London Philharmonic Orchestra

Freddie, it was indeed a pleasure to serve on the GRAMMY nomination committee with you. Your expertise and leadership were evident throughout the entire process as we evaluated the nominees. You were the guiding force, keeping us on track, and providing much-needed commentary whenever it was appropriate. I hope our paths will cross again.

Prof. RJ Miller, Guest Conductor, London Philharmonic Orchestra
Lena Tabori

Freud said, ‘You only need to look in order to see.’ Freddie might say, ‘You only need to listen in order to hear.’

Lena Tabori, Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Former President of Collins Publishing and Founder of Welcome Enterprises
Terry Tillman

I’ve been in the self-development, personal growth, leadership development and human potential world since the mid 70’s and have been exposed to and worked with some of the best. Freddie is a genius among them! His presence and presentation is a radiation of heart, joy, wisdom, talent, clarity, light and toe-tapping fun. No one else is using music as the metaphor to do what some of us call “The Work” like Freddie. I loved it, and him, from the get go…

Terry Tillman, CEO 22/7 Company, Renowned Executive Leadership & Experiential Trainer Extraordinaire
Jeddah Mali

Freddie Ravel embodies all that is graceful and noble about humanity.  He is able to draw out the best in others using his immense musical talent. The sensitivity and integrity he displays in life is reflected in his work. Freddie’s ability to sense the subtle nuances in music has made him a gifted teacher.  He can fine-tune his work to meet the needs of either individuals or groups. Every time he plays or teaches, the audience is left inspired, electrified and awed.

Jeddah Mali, International Mentor, Advisor and disciple of the Dali Lama and His Holiness Ajahn Buddhadassa
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Freddie Ravel has helped me as a philosopher to appreciate that each person carries the potential of producing a unique Melody, which when brought together by the Silent Conductor of Rhythm, evokes a Harmony, which is not only beautiful but passes all understanding.  Such a vision is what our world truly needs!

Dr. Frank Gard Jameson, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lloyd George U.S. Courthouse

Mr. Ravel is a real inspiration… I am sure that the lives of countless people have been changed for the better because of the inspiration he provides.

Honorable Lloyd D. George, U.S. Federal Judge, from the Lloyd George U.S. Courthouse (pictured) , Las Vegas, NV
Cheryl Esposito

I have seen Freddie Ravel conduct workshops and perform on multiple occasions. Freddie is a beautiful musician who has the extraordinary capacity to be fully present and grounded on the stage, while reaching deeply into the hearts of the audience to connect with each and every person there. No matter the venue, Freddie brings the crowd to the creative spirit of possibility. Thank you Freddie. You are a gift of pure inspiration.

Cheryl Esposito, CEO Alexsa Consulting and Center for World Leadership

Learning Music’s role in leadership and how to ‘listen’ through all the clutter of data – WOW!

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
British-American Business Council

Freddie Ravel is a magnificent communicator whose unsurpassed passion is visible, audible and transformational!

British-American Business Council

Freddie Ravel inspired measurable change in our team harmony.

AIA - Asian Life Insurance Group

Freddie Ravel rocked our conference with powerful relevant messages delivered magnificently.

AIA – Asian Life Insurance Group

His masterful mapping of music to our everyday cadence was AMAZING!

Twitter, Director, Data Accounts