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With thanks to the GRAMMYs, Recording Academy and Paramount Pictures for the invite, this wonderful group of recording engineers and I just experienced the premiere of the film “RocketMan” – the amazing story on the life of songwriter, pianist, rock star and living legend, Elton John which will be released this Friday. Sir Elton John […]

Captain Marvel - Freddie Ravel

Diversity and Inclusion has landed another great step towards bringing equality and balance into the opportunity market and times of our culture with the announcement and realization that Turkish composer Pinar Toprak has truly created her scOre! As the first ever female composer to score a superhero action film, Pinar has truly scored historic success […]

It’s February, aka “Time Management” month so, with that in mind, what better time could there be to talk about…well, “TIME”? When it comes to TIME management and being efficient, there is a basic life rhythm concept that is essential. Not surprisingly, it has everything to do with how you use the first hour of […]

From day one of this new year, the term that continues to dominate our headlines is “shutdown”. But what if we put on our contrarian thinking caps and take the conflict that’s smoldering in the current Dissonance of our news cycle and flip “shut” to “open” and “down” to “up”? This way, every time we […]

The holidays are the time when we look to not only celebrate with friends and loved ones but also to reminisce at the scOre that we have just lived through the past year. So I invite you to take this precious period of rest and reflection and allow your mind to slow down and get […]

Last week we lost the SUPER visionary who literally delivered us SUPER scOres of inspiration, wonderment and AWE, the great American Comic Book writer Stan Lee, who died at age 95. He gave his characters extraordinary powers and everyday headaches – a formula which transformed comics by dealing with subject matter that was at once both […]

Back in 1967, when terms like #MeToo and #DiversityandInclusion were virtually non-existent, Aretha Franklin released this Otis Redding classic that focused on a brilliantly simple request and concept: “RESPECT”. An utterly groundbreaking musical anthem on female freedom and empowerment, it’s the ultimate example of a leader singing her very own “Melody” to a culture that rarely […]