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Captain Marvel - Freddie Ravel

Diversity and Inclusion has landed another great step towards bringing equality and balance into the opportunity market and times of our culture with the announcement and realization that Turkish composer Pinar Toprak has truly created her scOre!

As the first ever female composer to score a superhero action film, Pinar has truly scored historic success creating the sound track for this past weekend’s blockbuster, “Captain Marvel”. Perhaps the best part of her achievement is her perspective. Asked if there was a “pressure” on her to compose the music as the first female composer for Marvel, she answered that it is “more a challenge…I don’t want to let anybody down and I want to write the best music I can”. Most importantly Pinar states: “I want to tell the best story I can through MUSIC.”

Everyday, always ask yourself, “What’s my goal…What’s my dream…What is my scOre?”

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