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Susan Boyle

Leave it to the medium of music to deliver the global outpouring of endorsement and admiration for the wonderful voice of an amateur singer from a tiny Scottish village named Susan Boyle.
Her April 11, 2009 appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” has stirred nothing short of a global phenomena and we are all better for it!

Before you read any further, if you have not already, please view this video: Continue reading

Dr Michio Kaku

In addition to Music’s benefits to education, organizational dynamics, health and our day-to-day interactions, Music can now be viewed as the application of leading edge Theoretical Physics.

The great Astronomer Johannes Kepler, who discovered the Laws of Planetary Motion just over 400 years ago, thought that there was something very musical about planetary orbits. He called this “The Music of the Spheres”. A half century ago, his notion was thought to be a quaint, leftover aspect of medieval thinking. We now learn that he was just ahead of his time. Continue reading