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Captain Marvel - Freddie Ravel

Diversity and Inclusion has landed another great step towards bringing equality and balance into the opportunity market and times of our culture with the announcement and realization that Turkish composer Pinar Toprak has truly created her scOre!

As the first ever female composer to score a superhero action film, Pinar has truly scored historic success creating the sound track for this past weekend’s blockbuster, “Captain Marvel”. Perhaps the best part of her achievement is her perspective. Asked if there was a “pressure” on her to compose the music as the first female composer for Marvel, she answered that it is “more a challenge…I don’t want to let anybody down and I want to write the best music I can”. Most importantly Pinar states: “I want to tell the best story I can through MUSIC.”

Everyday, always ask yourself, “What’s my goal…What’s my dream…What is my scOre?”

Snare Drum Clock

It’s February, aka “Time Management” month so, with that in mind, what better time could there be to talk about…well, “TIME”?

When it comes to TIME management and being efficient, there is a basic life rhythm concept that is essential. Not surprisingly, it has everything to do with how you use the first hour of your day. Study after study shows that to consistently generate clarity, leadership, innovation, collaboration and be successful, your best chance to truly scOre and hit your goals dramatically increase when you get up early.

Benjamin Franklin got it right when he wrote his legendary quote: 

”Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealth and wise.” There was also the brilliant Archbishop of Dublin, Richard Whately who wrote: “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it.” That’s right!! Getting your rhythm going early in the morning puts you in sync with the world’s most successful leaders. Now I am not suggesting that you have to Continue reading

Shutdown Madonna

From day one of this new year, the term that continues to dominate our headlines is “shutdown”. But what if we put on our contrarian thinking caps and take the conflict that’s smoldering in the current Dissonance of our news cycle and flip “shut” to “open” and “down” to “up”? This way, every time we hear the term “shutdown” we could instead think, “open up” ? Try it …stay with me now…flipping a point of view is much like the classic “is the glass half empty or half full?

Perspective, Point of View and finding ways to create harmony are not just between you and those around you, it’s also finding new ways to create harmony in your mindset. So “Open Up” suddenly becomes a great opportunity and reminder that the Rhythm you choose to live by is ultimately in your hands.

For example, in these early weeks of 2019 when resolutions Continue reading

Golden handbells ready to play close up

The holidays are the time when we look to not only celebrate with friends and loved ones but also to reminisce at the scOre that we have just lived through the past year.

So I invite you to take this precious period of rest and reflection and allow your mind to slow down and get tranquil.

Can you recall any specific moments these past twelve months when an idea, memory or thought “rang a bell”?

Any “aha moments” when you caught an insight, a lesson Continue reading

FR w:Jim Kwik:Nov 2011
Last week we lost the SUPER visionary who literally delivered us SUPER scOres of inspiration, wonderment and AWE, the great American Comic Book writer Stan Lee, who died at age 95. He gave his characters extraordinary powers and everyday headaches – a formula which transformed comics by dealing with subject matter that was at once both sublime and truly SUPER. His vivid, striking and compelling characters like the Hulk, Iron Man, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four all sprang from his fertile imagination and spilled onto the page.
Back in 2011, my good friend and colleague, the great Jim Kwik, invited me to speak at his “SuperHero You” event Continue reading
When the Rhythm of music is feeling good, we commonly refer to it as the “groove”. It is that synergy inside the music where the pulse, tempo and syncopation it generates settles into your body, gets your toes tapping and puts a big smile on your face.
At midnight last night, our whole country reset the national clock and fell back an hour in the interest of having an “extra” hour of light in the mornings.  Of course, we pay the price at the end of the day with sunset arriving an “extra” hour earlier and making our days feel one hour shorter.  Personally I am not a fan – I would prefer that we, as human beings, Continue reading

When Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” came out in Nov 1982, there had never been a Halloween song like it. The catalog of creepy party songs up to that point consisted of much lighter tunes like “Monster Mash” , “The Addams Family” and “Ghostbusters”. These are all fun to be sure but let’s face it, no spooky songs released prior to 1982 ever possessed the funky, kinetic and relentless sparse bass and drum tracks that drive the epic groove of “THRILLER”! With the Melody being delivered by the King of Pop, haunting harmonies laid down by my friend and keyboard colleague, Greg Phillinganes and a crew of LA’s top studio players, “THRILLER’ emerged as the title track of the second-best-selling album in the USA exceeding an astounding 33 million in sales!

If you are a reader of my blogs, I’m always talking about Melody, Harmony and Rhythm Continue reading

WBENC Ladies

As we leap into Fall at a time when the scOre of our nation’s women are uniting in voice, spirit and purpose, I am reminded of the joy and inspiration I was so privileged to deliver and receive from our nation’s largest certifier of women-owned businesses, the “Women’s Business Enterprise National Council” also known as “WBENC”. In presenting the Keynote Speech and Concert to WBENC’s annual convention in Orlando, FL, I had the honor to get to know a few of those 4,000 remarkable ladies who came from all parts of our great nation. We clapped, we listened, we learned Continue reading


Back in 1967, when terms like #MeToo and #DiversityandInclusion were virtually non-existent, Aretha Franklin released this Otis Redding classic that focused on a brilliantly simple request and concept: “RESPECT”. An utterly groundbreaking musical anthem on female freedom and empowerment, it’s the ultimate example of a leader singing her very own “Melody” to a culture that rarely ever heeded respect to minority women. After all, respect is at the root of all success and is central to making society, commerce and prosperity work together. If Aretha were singing this Melody in a business setting, she’d be the CEO expressing WHO she is and WHAT she stands for! Before you read the following, please take a few seconds to Continue reading