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Back in 1967, when terms like #MeToo and #DiversityandInclusion were virtually non-existent, Aretha Franklin released this Otis Redding classic that focused on a brilliantly simple request and concept: “RESPECT”. An utterly groundbreaking musical anthem on female freedom and empowerment, it’s the ultimate example of a leader singing her very own “Melody” to a culture that rarely ever heeded respect to minority women. After all, respect is at the root of all success and is central to making society, commerce and prosperity work together. If Aretha were singing this Melody in a business setting, she’d be the CEO expressing WHO she is and WHAT she stands for! Before you read the following, please take a few seconds to
relive and feel the rhythm of her iconic song and scOre, “RESPECT”.

Keeping the musical inspiration, here are some modified lyrics that burst off of my pen in tribute to our Queen of Soul. RIP dear Aretha:

The “Queen of Soul” is now in heaven

Singin’ from above

R-E-S-P-E-C-T reminding us to LOVE.

Aretha says “a little bit” … “just a little bit”

Aretha says “a little bit” …reminding us to LOVE.

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