Meet Freddie Ravel

Adaptability & Communication Expert. Business Speaker. Grammy-Nominated Performer.

Freddie Ravel engages and reveals the Four Foundations of music—Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and SCORE—to inspire and transform audiences around the world.

Freddie Ravel’s realization of music’s power to affect human behavior was launched in a most unlikely way. At age eight, he found himself suddenly trapped in a sealed container facing sure death when an impulse to pound out specific rhythms would alert and lead to his eventual rescue. Having learned to overcome adversity and adapt, he grew to cultivate a mastery of music that would propel him onto the world stage with the music legends and top social change makers of our time. Today, Freddie shares the lessons he’s learned by giving his clients the vital tools to live their own Life In Tune.

Captivating his audiences with Rockstar energy and world-class piano performances to unleash the most powerful motivational force on the planet, Freddie’s down-to-earth style helps your teams and organizations learn:

  • how active listening ignites your adaptability in the face of change
  • how synchronizing rhythm leads to increased productivity and profits
  • why the secrets of harmonic collaboration strengthen your tribe – and much more

With an unparalleled career that has consistently transcended boundaries, he’s toured with Brazilian master Sergio Mendes, directed Earth, Wind and Fire (the legendary band that bridged Black and White America), appeared on the big screen with Madonna (the original Queen of Pop), played stadiums with Afro-Latin-Blues-Rock icon Carlos Santana, performed the Grammys with Prince, recorded with Kanye and led the teams behind J Lo and Lady GaGa to become the “Expert’s Expert” on integrating music, culture and diversity to multigenerational business audiences worldwide.

As an author, Freddie has published works with Deepak Chopra on how music and thought cannot exist without silence illuminating how the “pause between the notes” is essential to all effective communication. Highlighting the power of listening – whether to clients, colleagues, or even the signals that nature sends us through climate change – would lead to an invitation from the family of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to be a featured author alongside Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Muhammad Ali and Robert Kennedy Jr. in the book, Open My Eyes, Open My Soul.

Freddie’s leadership in building community to strengthen diversity and inclusion was awarded by the City of Los Angeles who dubbed him the “Keynote Maestro” for creating his groundbreaking Life In Tune system to “renew the national and international economy.”

In constant demand to bring his audiences in tune around the world, his delighted clients, including IBM, Toyota, NASA, Apple, Blue Cross Healthcare, Google, and Prudential Financial Services, rave about his interactive presentations as “the ideal balance of Entertainment and Content” to help business, entrepreneurship and the human condition transform from dissonance to harmony.

Uplift and inspire your audience to success. Call 1+ 85ScoreNow (857-267-3669) to bring Freddie to your next event.